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Hey everyone! My name is Brakish! This is my first Bleach RPG modding! I’m super excited, and I hope everyone will have lots of fun! Of course, I’m setting things a bit differently than your average Bleach RPG, to help with people interacting with one another and also having pretty interesting scenarios! Before we start, please read the following!

First, we have 3 NPCs that will pretty much control everything. First, we have Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni! He will give out assignments and do necessary disciplinary actions. Then we have Unohana Retsu, who will act as our nurse and do basic nurse duties. Last we have Kurosaki Isshin, who will be our school counselor who will wail on/comfort any students that will come to him. These three will be the only ones older than 20 years old.

Which comes to the subject of characters available to be played! This particular RP is set in an alternate universe. Any battles occurring in Bleach have not occurred yet, though every character has in fact found their supernatural/shinigami powers (Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, etc). This is a school setting, so everyone is a student, and everyone is in the same class. Any other characters other than Yamamoto, Unohana, and Isshin are 20 years old or younger.

Now there are some particularly special cases as far as some certain characters go:
Hitsugaya and Yachiru are considered child prodigies: Hitsugaya made it to the school with his own skills, Yachiru just shows up and won’t leave. This means that these two are the age shown in Bleach (Hitsugaya looks about 13-14, Yachiru about 7-10).
Characters appearing to be older than 20 in Bleach (example: Zaraki Kenpachi, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Komamura Saijin) are younger and in this particular RP are High School Aged.

Because of the circumstances, I expect these characters to be played as students. That is not to say that they cannot act their part. Byakuya can be played as a rich boy, born with a silver spoon, to show his nobility shown in Bleach. Kenpachi can be played as a thug, who loves a good brawl, but hasn’t necessarily killed anyone to show his personality in Bleach.

This is also a boarding school, so rooms and roommates will be assigned. This will occur once more people sign up and the assigned rooms/roomates will be found HERE :D

Later events will include:
Class Projects
Talent Show
Class President
Report Cards (based on activity)
And more!! :)

The way things are run: All the students have their own individual classes (English, History, Math, Art, etc), but every student attending the Academy has the same homeroom class which is Bleach101, which is run by Yamamoto-sensei. Yamamoto will assign homework, projects, etc to the students and will issue report cards.

Some characters, as you can see, have not revealed what their Zanpakuto/abilities are. This can be creatively developed on your own, or can be developed through your character's course in the school.
As for minor characters, whose histories have not been established yet, may develop a history for your character, though develop it logically in relation to the way your character interacts to this day.

Any questions, feel free to contact a Mod~!

1) PLAY YOUR PART. Anyone who plays their character poorly WILL have their character revoked.
2) Yaoi, Yuri (Homosexual relationships) are allowed. HOWEVER, just because its an RP doesn’t mean everyone has to be gay. Don’t get me wrong, I <3 the man love as well as the woman love. If it is with good reason, there won’t be any problems. I just don’t want to see anyone doing a UkitakexGin pairing that doesn’t have reason behind it. IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE.
3) Don’t be afraid to talk to different characters :D have fun!
4) No one is allowed to have more than 3 characters, unless discussed with a mod.
5) You aren’t required to post everyday—we all have lives. You do need to be active though, but if you will be gone for over a week please let the community know.
6) Respect each other. If you have a problem with a mun, contact a mod and we will take care of it. Please keep OOC drama out of the community.
7) Place appropriate warning labels where necessary
8) When choosing your characters, do not play characters that interact with each other or are related to one another. It is ideal to have interacting characters, well, interact!
9) No original characters. JUST Bleach
10) No Bounto. We are following under the manga story line. There is no such thing as bountos. If you want to play Vizard or Arrancar, talk to a mod.

If you are interested, our APPLICATION is right HERE When sending in an application, and you have read and understand the rules, in the beginning of your application, in the subject line or before your name type "Kill the Kon >D"

To find out what characters are available/taken, go HERE :D

For AIM contact with other characters, go HERE (friend filtered only)

Here are the other parts to our community that will make everything run smoothly <3

bleach_academy1 (This is where Yamamoto and other NPCs will give you assignments or class-wide information)
chat_bleach101 (This is where IM conversations between characters will be placed)
in_bleach101 (This is where LOGS will be placed-- actual meetings with other characters)
out_bleach101 (This is where OOC information will be placed-- if you're going to be gone for a long time, wanna quote something or just share something with the community that is OOC)

This Community will only grow bigger and bigger! To quickly add everyone into your friends list, click HERE to find out how! <3

yamag aka Brakish
papaishiin aka Lykin
unoretsu aka Shannon

Contact any of us if you have any questions, comments, concerns, requests, etc.